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Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony

"We continue to receive great comments about the Tribute to Benny Goodman show featuring Bob DeAngelis. This show was one of the best pops concerts we had this season. Our audience, both young and old, loved the program and Bob is a wonderful musician / performer. We definitely plan to have him back in the future."
Daniel Warren, Resident Condcutor

Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

"King of Swing, the Bob DeAngelis tribute to Benny Goodman is one of those pops concert events that you dream about: Total audience captivation, well known repertoire and challenging and rewarding orchestral arrangements that really feature the orchestra. I can heartily endorse this concert presented by these first class performers."
Nancy Schmitt Farkas, Executive Director

Markand Thakar

"Bob DeAngelis is the real thing: an astonishing, world-class clarinet virtuoso and a jazz musician of considerable substance. The shows that I've conducted with him both in the US and Canada have consistently wowed audiences on the edge of their seat, and leaping to their feet."
Markand Thakar, Conductor

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Bob DeAngelis’ “King of Swing – A Tribute to Benny Goodman” is one of the snazziest orchestral pops shows I’ve heard. The arrangements by John MacLeod were top notch, and allowed our orchestra to strut its stuff and shine. Carol McCartney’s sultry vocals, John MacLeod’s spirited trumpet, and Bob’s magnificent clarinet solos thrilled our audience. This is a program filled with familiar tunes, all performed with virtuoso aplomb.
Rob McAlear, Artistic Administrator

Duluth Superior Symphony

Bob and Carol put on a great show that was wonderfully well received by our audience. It was just what we were looking for on New Year’s Eve Night.
Andrew Berryhill

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

“Bob DeAngelis is a wonderful artist....exciting and sensitive...his tribute to Benny Goodman is a great vehicle for his virtuoso talents and fun for the orchestra and audience.”
Jeff Tyzik, Principal Pops Conductor

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

"Thanks for the great job over the weekend. What a pleasure to hear you! Having heard Benny Goodman (I am an old clarinet player) several times in person, I think he would have smiled through the entire evening. Your sound is so beautiful -- style and swing right in the groove. You are easily one of Canada's leading swing clarinetists. Visit us again soon, Bob!."
James Manishen, Director of Artistic Planning

Mississauga Symphony/Mississauga Philharmonic

"This was one of the best!" These were the comments from orchestra and audience alike. Bob De Angelis was simply spectacular. Carol McCartney brings a wonderful freshness and musical ease to the stage. I simply cannot find superlatives to describe John MacLeod's arrangements and performance."
John Barnum, Music Director

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

"What a fabulous show! The charts were great, enabling the symphony orchestra to transform itself into a colossal swing band. Bob’s virtuosity on the clarinet absolutely blew the audience away – we’ve never heard anything like it. The audience also warmed to his relaxed, casual speaking style on stage. The back-up musicians on drum-set and keyboards gave strong stylistic leadership to the orchestra. We will definitely have to have them back!"
Paul Inksetter, General Manager

Kamloops Symphony

"We continue to receive positive feedback about the Benny Goodman tribute show. This was one of the best pops concerts we have ever performed. Bob is a fabulous performer and we definitely plan to have him back."
Kathy Humphries, General Manager