Carolyn Pioro

In September 2005 Carolyn Pioro, an accomplished circus performer fell from the trapeze while training for a show leaving her a quadriplegic.

The transition that Carolyn faces as she adjusts to her new reality amounts to a significant financial burden on the Pioro family. To cover her medical expenses, travel expenses and adaptive devices she will need an estimated $8 million dollars over the next 20 years. All proceeds from Tiffany’s one-of-a-kind Signature Tiles will go directly to Carolyn.


Tiffany Zufelt

Tiffany is a young gifted artisan. She was commissioned by Joni DeAngelis, the producer of the Champagne Symphony Pops Orchestra to create a signature line of Tile Art for this very special fundraiser.

These “One of a Kind” “Champagne Symphony “ signature tiles are
individually hand crafted and reflect the effervescence of youth, symbolically the fizz and sparkle of life.

  CSPO Signature Edition
Licorice Stick & Spats $150.00
  CSPO Signature Edition
Dancin’ Glasses $100.00
  CSPO Signature Edition
Bass Fiddle $150.00

  Individual CSPO Ornaments
$6.00 ea  3 for $16.00


All proceeds from the sale of the CSPO Signature Tiles go directly to Caroline Pioro.

To order your Signature Tile call
1-866-275-5639 or 416-255-4140